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The Perfect Pet Products Go Dog Flying Disc

Today we will be taking a look at the Disc-Go-Dog by Bihlerflex. As you know from my previous write ups our dog is a huge fan of playing fetch, especially Frisbee. When we got our hands on this discs we knew we were going to have a fun time with it. Today I will be going over the some of favorite things from this Frisbee as well as some of the drawbacks.

Let’s start first with the basics of the disc. Bihlerflex is a great company that makes strong sustainable products here in America. The disc is a very simple design, about the size of an average disc but it does have a large hole in the middle making it easier for dogs of all sizes to carry. It also comes in a wide range of color which allows each owner to stand out on the trail or at the park. The best part is that it is made out of  100 % Flexapure just like the rest of the dog toy lines which does not contain any rubber or latex.


Now that we know a little bit about the product let’s take a look at some major likes of disc. First off I am very happy this product and all of their dog products are made right here in U.S.A., it is a good feeling to know we are supporting a company that understand the importance of a well-made product. Speaking of well-made this disc seems to be un-destroyable. Oakley and I tend to be very hard on toys and we go through quite a few in s short period of time but this disc still looks brand new. We have played in the mud and the water and on super-hot days but the disc shows no signs of wearing. Another great feature of the disc is how slim it is, it is super easy to through it in a bag and just go on our way wheather we are going on a trail or our favorite swimming hole. I also enjoy how it is comes in bright color, we have the orange one but the bright colors help if you make a bag through and the disc is hard to find for your or your pup.

Now I did mention some pretty amazing things about the disc but there are a few drawbacks I found.  The biggest one is that the disc is so floppy that it is hard to through straight or even well at all. It took me quite a while to understand how to through it properly and to this day I still have trouble throwing it well. The only other draw back I saw to it was the giant hole in the middle but that is just due to my preferences of Frisbees. With the big hole in the middle it does not allow me to get a solid grip on the disc like I prefer with others.

Although this disc does have these two drawbacks I would still recommend it to any dog owner who is looking for a tough toy for their pet. It only cost $12.99 and for an American made product that is hard to beat. As always I will attach the link at the bottom of the page where you can snag one yourself.  Make sure you give these thing a try and get out and have some fun with your four legged best friend.

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