8 Wheeling With Dogs Prep Tips

1. Bring a squeegee and/or lint roller.

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Image via

Why? Because dog hair gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE. A great way to get dog fluff out of hotel carpets and car seat upholstery is, no lie, a small hand-held window squeegee. Easy to carry, easy to pack, and less mess on the go. If that doesn’t work, then find a cheap rubber glove, wet it, and run your hand over it (with the glove on it). You can buy that on the go or pack the ones you use for the dishes.

2. Research the nearest vet/animal hospital where you’ll be traveling to ahead of time and WRITE THAT DOWN WHERE YOU WON’T LOSE IT.

Image via Funny Junk

Image via Funny Junk

Dog forbid there’s a situation where your pup needs some medical attention, but it’s better to be pawpared for all eventualities. So if a crisis does happen, you won’t be scrambling for necessary info.

3. Exercise the poop outta them the day before they travel.

Image via StuffPoint

Image via StuffPoint

An exercised pup means a tired pup. A tired pup means a sleeping pup. A sleeping pup means a nice, peaceful ride for you.

4. GPS Locator Apps for Pups.

Image via Lazy Tech Guys

Image via Lazy Tech Guys

Download one and then register your pup. Again, it’s better to be prepared for a pawssible crisis.

5. Let them look out the window.

It actually tends to help motion-sickness, if they’re prone to it. Plus, it keeps them occupied. If you’re in a plane, get the cabin crew’s pawmission first before bringing them out of their carrier. If you’re in a car, open the window a crack (just a crack) so they can smell the scents on the air rushing by, which also combats motion sickness. (Just make sure they can’t jump out). Plus, dogs love it. ?

6. Put all your dog’s medical, extra contact and ID info in a waterproof, sealable Ziploc and label what’s in it.

Image via Ziploc

Image via Ziploc

A) Now they’re all in one place for you to easily access. B) They won’t get wet and/or stained. You know the spilling that happens when you travel–generally, at the worst possible moment.

7. Ice Cubes.

Image via Pinterest

Ice cubes keep your pup hydrated and control their water intake. This way, they’ll stay hydrated but the danger of a trip to vomit city is lessened.

8. Pack spares.

Image via The Denver Tea Room

Image via The Denver Tea Room

Spare collars, spare IDs, spare poop bags, spare toys. Don’t go overboard though. Your pup proooobably doesn’t need their own suitcase. Probably. All right, maybe they do.


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