The Chacos Dog Collar – Review

Today we will be taking a look at two products that go hand and had with one another. We are talking about the Chacos dog collar and leash. If you don’t know what Chacos is, they are a footwear company that makes mainly sandals used for adventure and lifestyle use. They are a very unique looking sandal and not many can compare with the quality of them. When it comes to the dog leashes and collars the quality is on the same high standard. Both the leash and collar are very simple in the appearance but have some great features.

Let’s start with the collar first. Every color appears to look just like a normal collar you would pick up at a Pet CO but each collar is made of the exact same webbing used in the Chacos sandals. Also every collar comes with a reflective band to add an extra protective measure for your four legged best friends. One of the best features that come on the medium and large collars are the separate ring for you to hang their tags. Most collars use the same rig for tags and the point where you hook your leash. With this extra rig Chacos offers it allows you to know you won’t accidently clip your leash to your pup’s weak tag rig. On top of all of the great safety features the collars are very durable. My Aussie mix goes on adventures with me all the time and every time we seem to find a body of water to swim in. Although he is in the water a lot the collar has not begun to split or shred. As far as the collar goes I have never had a complaint with it. Let’s get more into the leash though.

Out of the two the leash is my favorite product. The leash is made out of the same great durable webbing the collars are made out of. The unique feature these leashes have though is that they are designed to be worn around your waist. This allows for your hand to be free which comes in handy when you are on a run with your pup, just out for a walk or on an adventure. Two reasons I love the hands free capabilities of the leash are when I am out taking photos or out for a walk in the winter. I get out and take a lot of photos and I take my dog with me almost every place I go so when I know he can be secured around my waist it allows me not to worry about my expensive camera tangled with his leash and I can put all my hand attention on my camera. The second one I mentioned is walks in the winter. I live in Iowa and the winters can get very brutal and it can make it hard to get out and take your dog for a walk. One of the biggest pains is when you are walking your dog and your hands constantly get cold. When I am able to put the leash around my waist I can walk him and keep my hands in a warm pocket.

When it comes to both of these products I would recommend them to any dog owner. They come in sizes for all dogs and each size can be adjusted to fit each pup perfectly. Also both the leash and the collars come in a wide variety of colors to fit everyone’s taste. Plus if they do not have the color you like you can customize them to make them look exactly how you want. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give these a 9.25 out of 10. I have attached the link where you can purchase these items and see what they look like all kinds of different breeds. I hope you get the chance to get a hold of one and see why I am such a fan of them.